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August 05, 2016


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I have that Singer book. I bought a bunch of them new when I worked for Singer in 1990. But they were all hardback then, and they cost a bit more than $1.50!


By the picture, I would guess that your Kenmore is one made by Janome. If so, it should be a very quiet and smooth running machine. Maybe a little more oil and some time spent running the machine will loosen it up. It's probably a bit stiff from disuse. I hope you can improve its noisy performance. Always cool to have something of your mom's.


Thanks Jennifer! I will have to investigate further with this machine. I am happy to have it and it would be even better if it's actually made by Janome! I'll keep ya posted....


Vireya, that is so cool! I'm glad I scooped it when I saw it - always a good thing to have on the sewing shelf. That's neat you worked for Singer!


My Mom was so good at sewing - she made a lot of clothes for me right up until I started working. I admired her talent - and patience. She tried to teach me how to sew when I was about 15 or 16 - I just couldn't seem to make it work - straight lines seemed to be a challenge and I really didn't have patience when I couldn't get it right straight away. Unfortunately I didn't inherit the same talents she had.


Rochelle, that is so sweet. 16 is probably a tough age to be taught anything by our mothers, right!? I am self-taught and didn't start until my mid-40s so there is always a chance to try again. I couldn't sew garments I'm sure but quilting can be pretty do-able! Thanks so much for commenting!

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