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August 31, 2014


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My grandaughter and I had this conversation yesterday about matching seams. She is 9 and just learning. So far she does pretty good. I told her to do the best she can and it will look great. As time goes on she will,get better but that even Grammie does not match all the time. I want her to enjoy the process, each step, and not worry about perfection. Life is too short, have fun with what you enjoy. Your work is beautiful. You have so much passion in yoir work. It has been said on the forum forget about the flaws. Once completed, it will not show. Thanks for sharing today, i enjoyed this subject. Reminds me to not sweat the small stuff.

sharon weir

I believe that the perfection level also comesfrom anyone who has done dressmaking. I had the same issues when I started quilting and a quilt shop owner told me not to worry about perfection. It is supposed to be fun and relaxing. I am 71 years old and have been quilting four 6 years. When she told me that it has been fun. We are not in school and having our work judged. Ill bet that the professionals quilts even have their errors that only they know. Just lighten it up a bit and enjoy!

barbara johnson

OH,,, this is my favorite subject... I suffer from perhaps the opposite problem! I Believe in the creative process as just that... BEING CREATIVE IN ONE'S OWN WAY! I taught my daughter to "be herself",,and be creative in what she wore,, she immediately had me making "vests" out of upholesty fabric/tapestry,mix and match, and wore at least 3 "Swatches" at a time in HS! I have actually had classes with women, where they brought a piece of fabric and their machine and we "made totes".. no pattern,,just the process of folding,seaming and "making it work" as they say on PR! I could not be happier Angie to hear you are working on relaxing and letting it flow..you have talent and it should never be stifled by striving for perfection..I do admire those with perfect points and seams,,but for me, that would just take too much time and I'd never finish and get on with the next "adventure"..:)Enjoy,,Anglea is exactly right!!!GB


OMG, this is me to a "T." I want things to be perfect and when they are not turning out that way I get frustrated and discouraged, and sometimes even feel like I do sloppy work afterward, because if it can't be perfect, then why bother. I definitely have tried to push back against this with quilting. I once knitted the same sweater about 5 times because I wasn't happy with it - kept ripping it out and re-knitting it.

I did a good job with the Leah Day quilt - I could have been ripping out each section and re-doing it ad nauseum, but I told myself when I got started, I wasn't going to rip out anything unless it was a bad tension problem or affected the integrity of the quilt. And after it's all washed, the quilting looks great. :)

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