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April 13, 2014


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I think you will love this lamp over time, Angie! I have one (without the magnifier) that lights my sewing area along with one of those little flexible LED lights that tacks on to the sewing machine. I have a Horizon 7700 also and although its lights are great, I found myself dealing with shadows under the sewing machine feet which didn't allow me to see my sewing seams as well as I would like. Bad eyes - old age :) Anyway, the combination of the 2 added lights are so perfect for me. I also have one of the small tabletop folding OttLites (GX7902) that I keep on the end table beside the couch. I use it for doing all my hand work in the evenings. Priceless! Enjoy your new lamp!!


You always seem to be one (or two) steps ahead of me, Angie! I have been seriously considering a lamp to help me see better, especially when I use my smaller DC2011, which only has the one little bulb to the left of the needle, and casts a shadow to the right, where I really need to see for precise piecing! My "studio" is a couple of folding tables in my garage, and the lighting is inadequate for night time sewing. Your reviews are always so helpful. The only concern for a miser like me is the price, so I will just have to wait on that 50% off coupon, I guess. Congrats on your lamp purchase!


I have a similar one but not as nice - no magnifier and it definitely feels flimsy. I am gentle with it and it's holding up fine, but my #1 beef with it is that it doesn't adjust high enough. I ordered online and could not tell that it is only about 4 feet high. I need something taller! However, halogen lights in the ceiling fixture and a sticky LED light on the bed of my machine (Ecolux) are helpful...

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