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November 27, 2012


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Pamela L.

Thanks for the 2 posts on your frame and machine - I've been thinking of you with your new 'baby.' Does the 1600 have a tension adjustment on the bobbin? I've heard lots of discussion about a "Towa" gauge on the machine quilting Yahoo groups.


I have a side inserted bobbin too, it is kind of fiddly. I still get scared if I have to change the machine tension! :)


PS, that stitching looks pretty darn good! Can I come over with my poor lonely, basted quilt that needs to be quilted? ;)

Erin S

I stumbled on to your blog today. I found it when I was doing some reading on the pattern grid I just purchased I actually purchased my short arm frame set up a year ago and have yet to use the machine on the frame. My daily sewing machine was so difficult and frankly awful. When I used my viking 9" mega quilter off the frame the first day I got it, it sewed so smoothly and made such beautiful stitches I couldn't bare to go back to my singer. So I used it as my main machine and just did all my FMQ off the frame.

I just recently purchased a new primary machine (juki F400) which I love! It has all the stitches, even monograms. It FMQ as well as the viking and I have only 1" less throat space than my viking. So it makes the perfect sit down machine! So now I have my Viking set up on the frame. I am getting prepared to start quilting on the frame. Since I purchase the viking used, I have no where to take any lessons and learn to use it. I am dependent solely on reading and watching tutorials online. This is how I taught myself to sew almost 2 years ago in the first place, so I am sure I will get it all worked out. My set up did come with a video that shows you how to load the quilt. I am thinking I would prefer to float mine so I will only use some of the info. Even with the fact I have no real support due to buying my machine used, I still think it was a very smart purchase since I got the machine, 10' frame and stitch regulator for only 1000. Everything is there and it was not used long since she quickly moved up to a AQPS.

There are just so few tutorials online about how to use a short arm. TONS for longarmers but not short. They cannot be treated the same since they are in fact sewing machines and the tensions are different. I am hoping you will elaborate more on the issues you are having with the stitches. My machine and yours are almost identical. BTW, I have a tool that is so helpful when you must remove and replace the bobbin. It is called EZ Bob. When using it I do not even need to see what I am doing. I can hear perfectly when it is in just right by hearing the click it makes. It will eliminate you needing to stick your hand in that small area to get it out or replace it.

Anyway, thanks for the video on the pattern grid, it really helped me to understand what I need to do. I am hoping you will make more of them and further show us the tension issues and finally how you resolve them. I personally use king tut or So fine thread in the top and ALWAYS use Bottom Line in the bobbin. My machine loves it! Now, that is off the frame, we will be seeing this weekend (planning to jump in there with both feet) how it does on the frame!

Keep posting! I am following you now!

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