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November 24, 2010


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:-O <--- That's me when I read that your milk comes in bags!

I watched the video of Will Arnett, then I went over to youtube and found a video that shows how they put the individual bags into milk pitchers to pour. The video also mentioned that a lot of people bend down the open corner before putting it back into the fridge and secure it with a clip.

Knowing me I'd accidentally poke the bag with a sharp object and have milk all over the place.. ;o)

Hey Angie, you like Jimmy Fallon too?? YAY!!!! I love his show! :O)


I'm so thrilled, Angie. Finally I'm ahead of you on something organizational. *grin* My system is different though--it's the pop-can dispenser drawer in our fridge. We don't drink pop so I put the milk bags in there. It holds 6 bags and is a beautiful way to deal with those slippery bags.

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