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December 29, 2009


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sherry     :O)

Yum ~~~ Angie, that looks so delicious!

I wracked my brain today trying to find a way to use a ton of ripe mangoes. I sent my husband to the store to get 2 mangoes for a curry chicken recipe a few days ago, and he came home with a HUGE case of them from Costco. >:(

I wound up making a fruit tart with some of them (it's still chilling in the fridge so I have no clue how it turned out) and I'll use some more in smoothies tomorrow.

I'll have to look around here & see if I can find jelly rolls and make that Sherry Trifle soon. Looks awesome and I love the name. :p

I'm making your famous ribs (again) on New Years Day ~ :o) ymmmm!


Love the use of the jelly roll in this dessert! Any tips on where to buy them would be great! Looks scrumptious... way better than the gloppy overly sweet one my MIL used to make!

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