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September 20, 2009


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Lesley Plenderleith

Angie, What I love about your blog? Well I absolutely love your cooking and baking videos. You make everything look so easy I just have to try it. The results are fab. I also love your cricut videos as they are idiot proof. Thanks for all your videos. I know I LOVE them. Congrautlations on your 20,000 hits.

lesley x


Congrats on 20K Angie!

If it wasn't for blog and videos, I wouldn't have dusted off my old bread machine to make your incredible cinnamon buns.. and I wouldn't know how to make the best ribs on the planet (I've made that recipe now 3 times!) or the minestrone recipe you found and shared.. or your peanut butter cake.. or.. (ok, you get the point!) ;o)

What's not to love? Recipes, crafts, all kinds of awesome tips, and sometimes just friendly chat. :o)

~~~~Here's to the next 20,000 hits!!

C. Carson

Well, for starters, I just recently discovered your blog. The peach pie was what did it! Then I watched the Crockpot Rice and Chicken in a bag... ( it was delish). Now I watched the cabbage roll video and I can hardly wait to get the ingredients to make it! Your instructions are simple and basic and are inspiring to an older cook who has lost some of her ambition. Thank you so much for re-inspiring me and now I can watch your videos any time I want!

You are amazing to find the time to do all this... I would like to read your Bio someday at:



You're blog keeps me coming back because it's like Christmas every morning ~ surprise after surprise! From wonderful crafts, to great recipies, to inspiring words of wisdom, I enjoy it all! Thanks Ang. Keep blogging.

Rekha Somanath

Hey Angie,
I keep coming back here for your baking videos. Last week I made chocolate brownie (followed the steps from you video) for my hubby dear on his birthday and he loved loved it!!
I like coming back to your blog because it makes the special days in our lives even more special!! I hope to bake something special for my kids someday following your easy recipes. Thanks a ton :)



I visit your blog to check out the cooking/baking videos and recipes. I'm a fifty something person who had almost no experience with real cooking or baking. From watching your videos, I learned that cooking/baking is all about being organized, and following simple step by step procedures. It was amazing to me that in 3 minutes and forty seconds, I could learn how to make brownies! Thanks for doing your blog. Joe/Ohio/USA


Hi Angie!! How fun.. congratulations on 20,000 HITS!! WOW!! :) Its because your such an amazing teacher of the arts! ;)
ok.. so to answer your question..
Why do I choose to visit overthekitchencounter.com and what do I hope to find when you get here?
It's simple... I love visiting your blog because you share/teach recipes that I would never try AND have everything so well put together and you present it so even I THINK 'WOW... I COULD make that!" and your variety of recipes.. I love the range of recipes!
and what do I hope to find.. ?
A really easy, simple recipe that is fabulous !! :) Angie.. I appreciate your blog, your videos, and all the time you put into making it so easy for me! :)
And I have to say... even if I don't win your blog candy..well thats ok .. cause I feel like every time I visit your blog I win!! :) Thanks Angie!
with a grin,

diane guy

Great work Angie, I really enjoy all the tips you give. I love that your site offers alot of diversity for those of us who try and advoid the kitchen whenever possible.


I love your blog, Angie! I love watching your crafting and kitchen videos! I always find videos inspire me and your definitely do!!!

Keep it up!! Loving it! NattyD

Shelly Makowski

I really enjoy all the made from scratch goodies you show and love that you have a great variety of crafting and cooking/baking tips.Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us on youtube. :)

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